Repair Kids Bike and Car

How to Repair Kids Bike and Car

Step 1 : Check the Battery – First of all check the battery. It’s unimportant to check the voltage, what matters is the current! So check it with wire. Connect wire to +ve and -ve of battery terminal for 1 second and if produces sufficient spark then battery is good, else it’s bad.

First check whether it’s a 6V or 12V battery and replace it. 12V Battery.

Step 2 : Check the On/Off and Forward/Reverse Switch – Once you check that the battery is okay, the next points to check is switches. Short the on/off switch to check whether it’s on/off switch at fault. If nothing happens change the forward / reverse switch.

In 60% cases problem is fixed by this method. On off Switch Forward/Reverse switch


Step 3 : Check the Wires from Battery to Controller and Controller to Motor – In case your luck brings you to this point trace all wires from battery, controller and Motor. Check it thoroughly that none of the wires are opened up.- If you see open wire connect it properly.

Step 4 : Check the Remote – If vehicle works on manual mode but doesn’t work on remote, follow step 2 and also replace the manual/automatic switch by another forward / reverse switch.

If still vehicles doesn’t work on remote, replace the remote cells. If still doesn’t work, then purchase a new remote, preferably Bluetooth remote with same frequency, i.e. 27 MHZ or 2.4 GHZ.

Step 5 : Replace controller – In case your hard luck brings you to this point, then check whether the same controller model is available on any ecommerce sites.

If it’s available, go ahead and purchase it. Be careful that both controllers have everything same. If it’s not available, then you need to approach local mechanic as it needs technical skills to fix the issues.

If there is any mechanical problem, then I’m sure you can fix it on your own. 12 controller 6V Controller

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