8-Days Crash Course on Electric Scooter and Kids Electric Motorcycle Repairs

8-Days Crash Course on Electric Scooter and Kids Electric Motorcycle repairs (In Hindi Language only)

Mr. Pankaj Kulkarni has done D.E.E., B.E. and Master of Engineering in Electrical Power System. He’s an expert in Electric Vehicles design and development. He has worked extensively on TCSC and TCPAR introduction in transmission lines. He has submitted research papers in IEEE.

He has overall 16+ year’s experience. He’s involved in introduction of super capacitors in EV for extending the battery life of EV.

WHAT WE OFFER: This course is strictly to enable the students to start earning money by repairing the Electric Vehicles, be it adult scooters or kids ride on electric motorcycle. It will give a thorough and practical understanding of Electric vehicle to the students.

Day 1 Session: 2 Hours

  • What is an Electric Vehicle, how it differs from ICE vehicles
  • What are the components of EV
  • What is ARAI and its significance
  • High level Design of Electric scooters
  • Different companies in electric scooter manufacturing business in India

Day 2 Session: 2 Hours

  • Basics of Electric Motor
  • Motor Specifications, Selection of appropriate Motor for various needs
  • Different types of Motors used in EV. What are the problems in the Motors and how to repair it

Day 3 Session: 2 Hours

  • Basics of an Electric Battery and it’s use
  • How to check the capacity of battery, different notations used in batteries like V, AH, HR etc
  • Overview of Battery technology in electric vehicle applications
  • Overview of Lead acid battery, Lithium ion, Lithium ion phosphate i.e. Li-Po4
  • Series and parallel connections of batteries and it’s use
  • Demonstration of Battery Pack & BMS

Day 4 Session: 2 Hours

  • Controller Design of Electric scooters
  • What is a DC-DC converter
  • Lighting and horn system of an electric scooter
  • Electrical Connections and troubleshooting using meter

Day 5 Session: 2 Hours

  • Different types of electric scooter chargers
  • Slow and Fast chargers
  • High level Repairs of chargers

Day 6 Session: 2 Hours

  • Frequent issues in Electric scooters
  • Complete Wiring harness connections
  • What’s worth a repair and what’s not

Day 7 Session: 2 Hours

  • Deep Dive on Technical issues of an Electric scooter, use of various equipments to effectively identify and resolve issues

Day 8 Session: 2 Hours (If possible)

  • This time is reserved and will be used as far as possible
  • Visit to manufacturing unit in Pune to see the actual assembling of electric motorcycle


  • I.T.I. / Diploma Holders or anyone who needs knowledge of Electric scooters
  • M.E., M.Tech., B.E., B.Tech., B.Sc., M.Sc., graduates or postgraduates


  • All the participating students will be given a “Certificate of Training” issued by “Vihan Electric Vehicles Company”.

Venue: Will be individually conveyed later depending upon the number of participants.
Phone Number: 9552534405, 7020817715.
Max Participation Number: 15 students. Classes will commence even if there is only 1 enrolment. Maximum available seats are 15.
Fixed Training Dates: 18th to 27th November 2019
Course Fees: ₹15000, GST extra.

We accept Cash/Card/online/Googlepay payments. Online Payments should be made to

Pankaj Vijayrao Kulkarni
AC No 000501541754
Savings account
ICICI Bank, Satara Road, Pune

Inform us at vihanev@gmail.com once the payment is done; please attach screenshot of payment in the email.

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